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Salisbury Single Phase Grounding 24309

Reference: 24309

Factory assembled grounding set with AWG 2/0 yellow cable and 2 ea of 1895 clamp

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Salisbury offers a variety of single grounding assemblies. These single ground assemblies offer versatility to the user when performing temporary grounding. For ordering convenience, completed Single Grounding Assemblies are listed which cover many standard application needs. Modification to these sets to meet specific needs can be made. 

This grounding assembly consists of 2 ea. #1895 Serrated Aluminum “C” Clamp 1.5” 1 pr. #2024 Ferrules ,6 ft. #2138 2/0 Cu. Cable yellow, ASTM Grade 2.

  • Austrilia: United States
  • Unit of Measurement: Set