Bionic Faceshield-Clear, PC Fog-Ban/Anti-scratch Visor View full size

Bionic Faceshield-Clear, PC Fog-Ban/Anti-scratch Visor

Reference: 1011624

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•Extended top of head and chin protection. • Large superior-quality visors for maximum visibility. • Easily replaced visors available in different materials, tints and finishes to better suit individual needs. • Comfortable fit with goggles or respirators. • Locking mechanism for more complete safety. • Dielectric design.

• Incredible adjustability (2784 possible wearer positions). • Fully adjustable ratchet headgear. • Fully adjustable headband. • Multiple visor tilt positions. • Extra soft cushioning on all parts of the shield in contact with the head. • Breathable extra-soft sweatband is removable for easy washing and replacement.

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